Life and Meaning
How does Life and Meaning influence your life? Definition has everything to do with how you view, behave, act or respond to any outside stimuli in your world! Why does someone deal with a tragedy and end up dedicating suicide, counting on drugs or other negative behavior yet another takes that disaster and is empowered and winds up living a life of empowerment and success? The reason is indicating, yes the definition we appoint to it !! Let’s contrast for instance a stock broker who dedicates suicide after a market crash to somebody like Nelson Mandela. One takes one bad event and assigns the definition that his life is over and the other takes years of suffering, injustice and pain and assigns a meaning of empowerment and comes away being a world-renowned leader and the first is well … dead! Who would you rather be? I understand this may sound extremely bold and straight to the point … Yes it is! This is how crucial definition is my friends! Next time something “occurs to you” ask yourself the following:
Ask Yourself about Your Life and Meaning
1)Exactly what does this truly suggest?
2)Exactly what was the objective of the other individual(s) (if any)?
3)What is great about this or could be excellent about this?
4)How can I utilize this to serve myself or others?
5)Exists a definition I can designate to the experience that will equip me as opposed to disempower?
Do you believe it would be useful in life to discover ways to assign meaning that supports development rather than self-pity within yourself? If you wish to understand more about the best ways to achieve this please do not hesitate to call me at 321.765.3481 or visit RevitalizeLife.com to find out more on life coaching. Wanting you the very best day ever!!Read more…